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Electrician Sandton

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Need an Electrician in Sandton? Give Electrician Sandton a call for your home, business and emergency electrical needs. Call Sandton Electricians on 082-396-4866 and trust Electrical Sandton to get it done.

From Electrical Installations, to Repairs and Lighting in Sandton. We’re the best, local Electrical Contractors in Sandton and have been for the past ten years. Electrician Sandton are also members of the Electrical Conformance Board (ECB). Electrical contractors Association of South Africa (ECASA) and the Master Builders Association of South Africa (MBA).

Very friendly and efficient service. We found them a bit on the expensive side considering we purchased some of the materials required. Overall, a good experience!


Sandton Electrical Services

Home Electrical

We provide a wide range of Home Electrical Services in Sandton. This includes services like Electrical Wiring and Re-Wiring. Electrical Installations, Repairs, Maintenance, Upgrades and Troubleshooting. Surge Protection. Electrical Certificates of Compliance. Circuit Breaker Installations and Repairs. Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Electrical Outlets and Child Safe Plugs. If it’s got to do with electricity then Electrician Sandton can help.

Home Electrical

Electrical Safety

When it comes to Electrical Safety in Sandton, we don’t only think about getting the job done. We also think about getting the job done safely. If you’re experiencing a tingling sensation when you touch appliances. Or blow fuses often, or wall outlets are warm to the touch. Burnt or rubber smell from appliances. Your lights always dimming or flickering and sparks coming from outlets. Then you have serious electrical issues and must have the problems resolved.

Home Electrical

Electrical Certificate

Electrical Compliance Certificate Sandton: We issue Electrical COC Certificates in Sandton for electrical work completed by us. If you need a Electrical Certificate of Compliance in Sandton call us. Our certified electricians will conduct an electrical inspection, and if everything complies. We will issue you with a COC Certificate. If not, we will provide you with a free estimate on the work needed for compliance.


Electrical Installations

Electrical Repairs

Electrician Sandton provide Residential and Commercial Electrical Repairs in Sandton we repair everything from. Power surges to Power dips caused from overloading wall sockets. Overloaded circuits, faulty electrical wiring and wires Sticking Out. Exposed junction boxes, tripping breakers, dimming lights. Flickering lights and electrical shocks caused by exposed power cables.

Emergency Electricians

Emergency Electrician Sandton. Are you experiencing an electrical problem like Flickering Lights? Tripping DB Board? Electrical Shocks or No Power? 24 Hour Emergency Electrician Sandton provide Emergency Electrical Services. Our After Hours Electricians in Sandton will help you any time, day or night. Making sure we fix your electrical fault, before we leave.


Electrical Wires

FAQ Electrical Sandton

Get answers to questions we get asked on a regular basis with our FAQ Electrical Sandton section.

Overloaded circuits are caused when there are too many electrical appliances plugged in and are exceeding the safe level. It will cause your circuit to trip. Check your DB Board and perform this simple test to see if you are overloading your circuit. Start by turning off all your appliances and switch all your wall plugs off. Reset your DB Board and start switching your appliances one at a time. If an appliances trips the electricity then its either the appliance or the wall plug. In this case call Talk Electrician Sandton.

Firstly this should never happen, it could be the electrical appliance not being properly grounded. Please give Sandton Electrician a call.

This is caused by a stray wire. Call us as we will also need to check and correct pipes that are not grounded properly.

This is caused by a poor electrical connection that comes on and goes off. This will eventually lead to never coming on. It can also be generating heat which has the potential to cause a fire so give us a call.

Circuit boards that keep on tripping even after pressing the reset can be caused either by overloading your circuit by having to many electrical appliances plugged in. Or it can be an electrical short somewhere from an exposed wire which also has the potential to start a fire. Call Electrician Sandton we’ll find and fix it fast.